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My Special Event Videography Checklist

by admin on October 15, 2015 in Event Videography, Wedding Videography with No Comments

1 Minute Reel performs a lot of special event videography.  We do events, weddings, parties, corporate conferences and much, much more.  Here’s my simple list of tips to get the most from your day.  Whether your on the video side of the business or the client side, knowing these things will ensure you get the best video content from your special day:

  1. Get a good nights rest, arrive early, make sure the car is parked in an easy, accessible area.  I also like to have a hiding place at the venue for my extra batteries, second camera, tripods, etc.  Events get hectic. Knowing where everything is, and having it accessible is very important.  Getting there early and knowing the venue is just as important.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare.  Make sure everything is charged, know that venue in and out, and make friends with an onsite person.
  3. Make a list and stick to it.  Sometimes as an artist, I can easily find myself distracted by something that looks amazing on the spot, that’s great, but stick to that list.   Share that list with your client ahead of time, or if you are the client, make a list and share it with us!  Always include an establishing shot of the venue, It’s amazing how many times I’ve forgotten this myself.  PUT IT ON THE LIST!!
  4. Get a schedule and memorize it, or have it in your pocket.  If you’re the client, provide your vendors with a schedule.
  5. Always remember good audio.  I try to make contact with the venue days ahead of time, and ask if I can plug into their sound system.  Bad audio is the single worst deliverable item in event videography.  There are too many solutions these days for good audio: plugging into house sound, bring a small Tascam or .MP3 recorder, have a boom mic on your camera….  I always have a wireless mic pac with me –if all else fails, I can  capture a speaker.

When I follow these simple five steps, I always have the end result of an easy day, and a good video to deliver.  No matter the event, from a wedding to a massive dance party, these five steps always keep me producing good video.   Attached is the sample of a TV commercial we produced following the steps outlined above!

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